A message from the legal team

It’s been one week since Ben’s story appeared in the Independent on Sunday and this website was launched. Since then, articles have appeared in a variety of other newspapers and websites, including the Oxford Mail article entitled ‘Is Banbury nurse a killer or victim of coincidence?’ Included in the article was a quote from a [...]

Royal Statistical Society reports on free Ben Geen campaign

The Royal Statistical Society has reported on the campaign to free Ben Geen, with an article highlighting Jane Hutton’s report into the statistical evidence presented in the case against Ben. The article says:
“Nurse Benjamin Geen’s defence team asserts he is a victim of a “major miscarriage of justice” as it begins an appeal to overturn [...]

Milton Keynes Citizen reports on the battle to free Ben

The Milton Keynes Citizen has reported on the campaign to free Ben Geen with a front page article. The article says:
“…the family swear he is innocent and claim there is no proof that the former Radcliffe School student, now 29, actually gave the injections.
Barrister Mark McDonald told the Citizen a team of defence experts have [...]

Oxford Mail follows up on Ben Geen story

The Oxford Mail has followed up on its original story about the launch of the campaign to free Ben Geen. The article says:
“Now lawyers acting for the former Horton Hospital nurse will submit fresh evidence from a statistician to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which has the power to send the case back to the [...]

Oxford Mail covers campaign to free Ben Geen

The Oxford Mail has covered the launch of the renewed bid to free Ben Geen.
“The new attempt is the second time barristers working for the former Territorial Army lieutenant have tried to overturn his conviction. A similar bid to have his conviction challenged as ‘unsafe’ failed in November at the Court of Appeal. Today an [...]